House Envy

I recently came across this post on Glitter Guide and was instantly smitten with the Idaho bungalow they featured. It was SO CUTE! Not only that but the article highlights a blogger, visual artist and Mom who has an amazing eye for color and texture. Check out the article to see all the home goodness for yourself. In the meantime-I’ll leave you with this little bit of eye candy….




The Best of Serena and Lilly Sale

I love a good sale. It’s a fact. I especially love when you find the things you’ve been looking for, forever, in that good sale. Check out the items below from Serena and Lilly and maybe you’ll find that perfect thing!


A big YES to these Riviera Stools. They’re also almost $100 off


This beachy rug perfect!


I’m a sucker for anything polka dots and these Polka Dot Sheets are to dieeeee for.


Check out the rest of the sale here. Happy shopping!

Nordstrom Home

I adore Nordstrom. They really are one stop shopping. Their home collection is something that I feel often gets overlooked. Check out some of my favorite items below.

uggThis bedding from Ugg looks like the perfect spot to relax and read a good book!


This Cuddle Up Faux Fur Throw is perfect for a cozy Sunday afternoon.

Maison Blanc.jpg

Maison Blanc Bourbon Vanilla Candle-so yummy!knit-pillow

Nordstrom at Home Knit Pillow comes in two colors and is perfect for the colder weatherAdult.jpg

Bow and Drapes I Can’t Adult Today-because you need something to wear while enjoying all of these great finds!



Why This Cozy Home?

When my husband and I bought our first home, the word I kept coming back to was COZY. I wanted our house to be the coziest it could be. I wanted it to be a place where we could come home from work and relax and be comfortable no matter what room of the house we were in.


I found myself leaning towards soothing grays and warm blues for most of the house. I think I looked at every Benjamin Moore gray color chip they have! Then, when we were redoing our kitchen, I knew I wanted to stick with the gray theme and had my heart set on carrera marble countertops. After doing my research, I realized that having red wine anywhere near carrera marble was probably a bad idea and I wasn’t willing to give up my vino. More than that though, I realized how much I loved researching and decorating a home.


It was fun! And there were so many options and styles! Plus, there’s a certain thrill you get when you find the exact right piece for that one spot you’ve been looking for, forever. Or when you find a great deal, or a piece you can re-purpose. The point being, I found something that I truly enjoyed and was passionate about-and that was a great feeling.


I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do, and I hope this blog can be a place for you to come, browse and relax-because that’s what This Cozy Home is all about.